Incredible Next-Gen FIFA Face Captures


We’ve seen many, many, many Fifa Coins pictures of EA face capture events with various clubs and they’ve always been a bit well…. meh. But with Next-Gen comes more power, more pixels and as you can see a quite incredible representation of the real world players using the in-game rendering engine.

Check out all the images below and imagine how good FIFA 15 is going to look…. the Alves one looks scarily real.

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FIFA 14: troisième update de joueurs

Dans les derniers jours, EA publie la nouvelle liste, le roiseme partie du update de joueurs.
Les nouvelles données suivantes :

Prénom Nom Overall Rating Position Nouveau  Club
Ribas da Cunha Diego 84 CAM Atlético de Madrid
de Carvalho  Andrade Lima Anderson Hernanes 83 CM Inter
Diamanti Alessandro 83 CAM Removed from Packs
Berbatov Dimitar 82 ST AS Monaco
Soares Espíndola Júlio César 82 GK Toronto FC
Defoe Jermain 81 ST Toronto FC
Dempsey Clint 81 CAM Seattle Sounders
Ebert Patrick 80 RM Spartak Moskva
Osvaldo Pablo Daniel 80 ST Juventus
Abdennour Aymen 79 CB AS Monaco
Montillo Walter 79 CAM Removed from Packs
Ribeiro Reis  Junior Antônio Augusto 78 CAM Removed from Packs
Cannavaro Paolo 78 CB Sassuolo
Heitinga John 78 CB Fulham
Armero Pablo 78 LM West Ham United
Rondón Salomón 77 ST Zenit St. Petersburg
Canales Madrazo Sergio 77 CAM Real Sociedad
Bradley Michael 76 CM Toronto FC
Obraniak Ludovic 76 RM Werder Bremen
Soares de Morais Welliton 76 ST RC Celta de Vigo
Perotti Diego 76 LW Boca Juniors
Sissoko Mohamed 76 CDM Levante UD
Banega Éver 75 CF Newell’s Old Boys
de Souza Dias Josef 75 CDM São Paulo
Guilavogui Josuha 75 CDM AS Saint-Etienne
Belfodil Ishak 75 ST Livorno
Ferreira David 75 CAM Independiente Santa Fe
Ledley Joe 75 CM Crystal Palace
Källström Kim 74 CDM Arsenal
Hermach Adil 74 CM Removed from Packs
de Mattos Filho Marco Antônio 74 CM Hellas Verona
Zaha Wilfried 74 RW Cardiff City
Santos da Silva Iriney 74 CDM RCD Mallorca
Bridcutt Liam 74 CDM Sunderland
Lakić Srdjan 74 ST 1. FC Kaiserslautern
Maïga Modibo 74 ST Queens Park Rangers
Toloi Rafael 74 CB Roma
Lell Christian 74 RB Removed from Packs
Suárez Bermúdez Jeffrén Isaías 74 RW Real Valladolid
Ince Thomas 74 RW Crystal Palace
Almeida Ramos Héldon Augusto 73 RW Sporting CP
Delpierre Matthieu 73 CB FC Utrecht
Raţ Răzvan 73 LB Removed from Packs
Torres Ruiz Juan 73 CB Cardiff City
Fabbrini Diego 73 CF Siena
Burdisso Guillermo 73 CB Galatasaray SK
Bifouma Thievy 73 ST West Bromwich Albion
Rabello Bryan 73 CAM RC Deportivo
Hughes Aaron 73 CB Queens Park Rangers
Brighi Matteo 73 CM Sassuolo
Barbosa Felisbino Richarlyson 73 LB Removed from Packs
Molinaro Cristian 73 LB Parma
Graham Danny 73 ST Middlesbrough
da Costa Oliveira Hugo Filipe 73 ST Gil Vicente
Kakuta Gaël 73 LM Lazio
Andersen Stephan 73 GK Go Ahead Eagles
Barreto da Silva Ibson 73 CM Bologna
Olivera Rubén 73 CF Brescia

Pour FIFA14, préparez vous assez de fifa coins à établir votre équipe de rêve ?

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Fifa 14 coins website bu4 occupied xuzhou

New 2.5 D realistic class turn-based games “goddess in The Three fifa 14 coins website” principle, for the first time in January 21, open person annoys seal test,fifa 14 coins website for the first time the two quickly full service, new clothing also today with “weiwu wield whips” will open at 10.Swimming round of multidimensional experience, to join together!

Road play “the goddess of The Three fifa 14 coins website” in China is one of the most characteristic of play in the game, there are a lot of fifa 14 coins website strange game mode and a reward.And YuanMen shoot ji road play a copy,fifa 14 coins website as the shenzhou exactly what kind of benefits?Let us together and see it!

Speaking of YuanMen shoot ji, that’s three fifa 14 coins website period of allusions.Yuan in huainan enterprising lyu3 bu4 occupied xuzhou, but for small Liu Beitun in pei, afraid of liu bei and lu bu, and plan to send general to play small pei ji, and gave the lyu3 bu4 belt gift in advance.At this time, liu also wrote lu bu.In two phase and lu bu, has he who sees through yuan ambitions, then side to receive the gift,fifa 14 coins website side set wassailing in xuzhou, please guild wars 2 gold prices and liu bei to respectively.During the dinner, lyu3 bu4 show two solutions for him and, will be subject to an arrow painting ji, the arrow in the fifa 14 coins website, miss at the fight.Liu bei and ji praying, lyu3 bu4 display ability, shot in the painting ji.Ji barely pause, and avoid a fight.

Road, in the “goddess of The Three fifa 14 coins website” shenzhou need to explore “YuanMen ji” shot, just can have an opportunity to enter the copy.Players will be back after more than one thousand years ago, ZhanJi spirit, liu bei, to experience the exciting history of classic.Players need to customs clearance “fifa 14 coins website shoot ji” and “three” the covenant of two levels, can get a lot of gold awards and shu residual page, and perfectly close toll-gate, still can obtain a lot of valuable strong fossil, used to strengthen their own spectrum!

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